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Below are all of the projects that we’re currently working on as well as projects we’re interested in working on. Please vote for what you’re most interested in seeing more of, and we’ll do our best to prioritize those series, assuming we can find staff for them. ^_^

Speaking of staff, we’ll try to keep this page updated as frequently as possible, letting you know the status of each project, what we’re waiting on, what type of staff we need for each one.

If you see a project you’re interested in, and you’d be able to fill one of the positions we need for it, head on over to our Recruitment page and sign up to join the Golden Roze team! 😀

You can also contact us and suggest series you’d like us to consider adding to this list by going to our Contact page and either e-mailing us or leaving us a comment there.

Page last updated: 2017-01-01

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