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Thanks for considering Golden Roze Scans! We’re always looking for more staff. There is currently a need for the following positions:

  • Translators (any language to English)
    Translators should be fluent in or have an excellent grasp of the source language as well as English. Translates source language into comprehensible English.
  • Proofreaders
    Proofreaders should be fluent in English grammar and spelling. Knowledge of the manga’s source language (japanese, french etc…) is helpful but not necessary. Double-check word usage, grammar, and spelling of translated script. Consults translator if there are any ambiguous or untranslated areas.
  • Editor
    Cleans and Typesets. May do secondary proofreading while adding text. See the below two roles for more information.
  • Cleaner
    Cleans and clears away any text and sfx from the raws. Whiten, darken, clone, and straighten pages as needed. May need to redraw some panels after cleaning.
  • Typesetter
    Adds the translated proofread text back onto the clean pages using appropriate fonts. May do secondary proofreading while adding text.

Please fill out the form below for your desired position and we will respond within 24 hours. If you want to apply for more than one position, you may state it in the “Bio” field.


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