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Coming Soon

These are projects that we’ve already started work on, or that we already have staff for, but simply haven’t been released yet.

  • Invisible Joe » [3 vol]
  • Chocolate Blues » [1 vol]

Interested in

These are projects that we’re interested in doing, but don’t have enough staff to actually get started on them. We’re not “claiming” these titles or anything like that, this is just a list of things that our current staff would like to work on. If any of these series look interesting to you and you would like to help out with them, please head on over to our recruitment page and apply today!

  • Flint: The Time Detective » [1 vol] (Needs JP TL and Typesetter)
  • The Torn Passport » [7 vol] (Needs JP TL)
  • Kuchibiru ni Blues Harp » [1 vol] (Needs JP TL)
  • Ladies » [1 vol] (Needs JP TL)
  • Eternal Arcadia » [1 vol] (Needs JP TL, Cleaner, and Typesetter)
  • Monster Rancher » [2 vol]  (Needs JP TL and Typesetter)
  • All Kinds of Osamu Tezuka Works »
  • Maido! Urayasu Tekkin Kazoku » [25 eps, 3 min each] (Anime)

If you’d like to influence what projects we work on next, head on over to our voting page, and be sure to up-vote your favorite series, and down-vote any that you’d like us to ignore.