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i160617Name: The Day the Magpie Cries

Author: Nubi

Genre: Comedy, School Life, Shoujo

Magazine: Naver Webtoon

Year: 2011

Summary: Fed up with Westernization to the detriment of native culture, Lee Dan Ah wears a traditional Korean hanbok to her first day of high school rather than the required uniform. After being scolded by the liberal-minded principal for not following school regulations, she’s given an ultimatum: If she can convince 70% of the student body and faculty to accept her idea within six months, the school will consider adopting a hanbok uniform. But that’s going to be harder than it sounds when she can’t even scrape together five members to start a hanbok club…


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Chapter 1-5 done by Chocolate Kimchi Scans
2015, November 30 Chapter 6 MF »
2015, December 10 Chapter 7 MF »
2015, July 26 Chapter 8 MF »
2015, August 5 Chapter 9 MF »