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kirby_vol01_frontcoverTitle: Kirby’s Adventure: With King Dedede in Dream Land

Japanese Title: Hoshi no Kirby – Dedede de Pupupu na Monogatari

Author: Hirokazu Hikawa

Genre: Fantasy, Comedy

Magazine: Corocoro Comic

Year: 1994-2006

Summary: Meet Kirby! He is round and pink, ever so mischievous and is always up for a snack. Follow the adventures of Dream Land’s zany cast of characters and their most awesome resident, Kirby.

Kirby along with his partner, Bitty, are on a quest to return the Star Rod, the legendary treasure of Dream Land. But things aren’t so easy as King Dedede wants the Star Rod all for himself. Will Kirby be able to stop thinking about food long enough to defeat King Dedede’s dastardly plan and get the Star Rod back where it belongs?

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Volume 1
2016, June 22 Chapter 001 MF »
Chapter 002
Chapter 003
Chapter 004