[New Series] The King of Beetles Mushiking – v001 c001

Holy cow another new series?! This time its a series from CoroCoro I have been wanting to do for A LONG time. MushiKing is was popular arcade, tcg, anime and manga that deals with Beetles fighting. I personally HATE bugs, but fighting Beetles sounds kickass. Anyways, Thanks to Akumatsu Translations for the TL on this, as well as Shinjinotikari for Cleaning and NGM for his Typesetting and SFX skillz.

Also, I am having someone import all our project pages from MangaDex for the new reader. While I will have to upload each chapter for each series, It will save me loads of time from adding each chapter info and the series info.  Look forward to releases SLOWLY being added there. Could use a hand if anyone is free!~

The King of Beetles Mushiking –  Volume 001 Chapter 001
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[New Series] Pokémon: 1P Comic Theatre – Chapter ???

Hey Everyone! Today we have a weird little release…. a Pokemon gag manga that is super old! So this little gem I found in a random issue of a gag magazine I imported a bit back. Apparently Square Enix owned the magazine and Nintendo had this 1p (one page) gag Pokemon manga running in it. While we think this is the first chapter, we will find out more when the complete book comes in the mail in a few months. It is an interesting read to say the least… ENJOY!

Pokémon: 1P Comic Theatre – Chapter ???
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[New Release] Pulverize ‘Em Zack v01 c006

Here we are with a new chapter of Zack! Shout out to NGM who will be helping us typeset the series. We’d like to push out at least 2-3 chapters of Zack monthly, but we will see how that goes. I mean, the entire series IS translated… Stay tuned for the next chapter which will conclude volume 1.

Pulverize ‘Em Zack
v01 c006– Secret Training
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[New Series] Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo? – Chapter 1

Hey there, everyone, here’s the first chapter of an anthology volume known as “Bobobo-bo-bobobo? – Sawai Yoshio Tanpenshuu”, in English, “Tanpenshuu” refers to an anthology of short stories. This is a new joint project between us and You’re Welcome Scans.

The volume consists of eight chapters, four of which are directly based on the original Bobobo series, but are still new chapters:

  • Stinky Mountain Action Story
  • Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo: Akamaru Version
  • Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
    • Chapter One – Bo-bobo and Beauty
    • Chapter Two – Bo-bobo and Captain Battleship
    • Chapter Three – Bo-bobo and Don Patch
    • Chapter Four – Bo-bobo and Gasser
  • Invincibleman
  • Fierce Battle!! Rock-Paper-Scissors Island

Anyway, grab the first of those chapters below.

Bobobo-bo-bobobo? Sawai Yoshio Short Story Anthology – Stinky Mountain Action Story
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[New Release] Heterogeneous Linguistics C011

Sorry for the delay on this one. Real life happened and ppl got busy LOL. Anyways, Chapter 12 is in editing right now so expect it soon. Yes the wait was worth it. Thanks for all of the love and support on this series, it seems to be a hit!

PS – Could use a few extra editors. If you can help (clean or typeset) email us or stop by our discord. Help with the site would be nice also ^^

Heterogeneous Linguistics – c011
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[New Release] Mobuko’s Love Vol 02, Ch 006

Here we are with the first chapter of the second volume of Mobuko! Kind of excited to see how this volume takes off. Look forward to chapter 7 sooner than expected… Its in QC 😀

If anyone is interested in helping me revamp the projects page and uploading/adding pages to the reader than please contact me at goldenrozescans AT gmail !

Mobuko’s Love:
Volume 002 Chapter 006
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[New Release] The Undying Girl and The Painter Who Doesn’t Paint VOL 01, CH 008

Well here we go with the final chapter of v01. Look forward to the next volume soon enough. Halfway done with the series~ Thanks Boredom Society  as always for the editing help.

The Undying Girl and The Painter Who Doesn’t Paint:
Volume 001 Chapter 008
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