Little Ghost Q-Taro v001 c003 & c004

So sorry for the lack of updates this month. I will promise that we have some good stuff for Xmas, but figured here are the next 2 chapters of this adorable ghost Q-Taro. Enjoy!

We could still use a few more Cleaners and Typesetters.

Little Ghost Q-Taro:
Volume 001 Chapter 003
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Little Ghost Q-Taro:
Volume 001 Chapter 004
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[New Release] Mr. Clice v001, c005

I bet nobody expected TWO chapters of Mr. Clice TWO days in a row after TWO years, but… that’s exactly what we’ve got right here! Translations were done by Category G from Dumbnut. Anyway, this wraps up volume 1. Not sure exactly when we’ll see volume 2, since we’re currently waiting on scans before we can get started on it. Anyway, enjoy!

Mr. Clice –  Volume 001 Chapter 005
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[New Release] Mr. Clice v001, c004

Well, hot damn! Been a while since we’ve touched this series, but here’s a new chapter. There really isn’t any excuse for taking so long, as the translations were completed two years ago by Category G from Dumbnut… we just couldn’t find a typesetter that wanted to work on it until now. Anyway, Enjoy!

Mr. Clice –  Volume 001 Chapter 004
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[New Series] We Love ♡ Pocket Monsters c001

Today we have the first of a new 2 chapter Pokemon series! This series is published in girls magazine, Ciao, and is a short 4 koma. Hope you enjoy and look forward to the next chap at the beginning of Dec. Thanks to CRT of Illuminate Scans for helping/

We Love ♡ Pocket Monsters – c001
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Happy Halloweenie 2019!

Another year has passed and another set of somewhat spooky releases. Looks like we have 4 in total and think you all will enjoy everything that we have.


Release 001:

Yo-Kai Watch Shadowside: Revenge of the Demon Lord V.01 Ch.06 (END)

Wow nice to see we finished a series! Remember this is the main movie manga for the 4th movie, and at this time we aren’t planning on doing the 2 vol Shadowside series but who knows. This has been ready for a little but thought it would mix good with our Halloweenie releases.

Yo-Kai Watch Shadowside: Revenge of the Demon Lord v.001 c.006 – END! Download | Read Online

Release 002: 

                                    Little Ghost Q-Taro v.001 c.001 & c.002

Well we have another new series being translated by Molokidan, and it is none other than the great Q-Taro-chan! Fujiko F. Fujio is known for Doraemon, but is also known for Q-Taro. Our little ghost friend is actually one I wanted to work on years ago, was happy we found willing staff 😛 Our goal is to release two chapters at a time.

Little Ghost Q-Taro v.001 c.001
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Little Ghost Q-Taro v.001 c.002
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Release 003:

                                                    Kukurihime (Oneshot)
Thanks to Cephfor translating this one. Also thanks to yanbang for her great editing. While only 4 pages, it is kinda eerie and the art is superb! Check it out.

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