[New Series] New Princess Knight Chapter 001

Wah?! Princess Knight? Osamu Tezuka? Thats right folks, this is a new serialization in the monthly Tezucomi magazine. Currently 4 issues are out with 4 chapters of this lovely series. The artist is actually a group of 3 mangaka who make up the name Bureido. So far the art and story seem good so    lets see how this pans out! Thanks again to Purrfect Scans for handling the editing and QC.

Speaking of Tezucomi, I am buying it monthly. It will have an 18 month run and we currently just got the 4th volume. The magazine is pretty solid with works by both Foreign and Japanese artists (Here is the website if you want to see what else is in it and the artists). If anyone (Other groups included) would like to work on any of the series or oneshots from this magazine, let me know!

Also, the TL over at Purrfect Scans bailed (eyeroll) so we need a Japanese TL for this one. If you can help please apply!

New Princess Knight:
Chapter 001
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[New Release] Black Jack: Blue Future – Vol 1, Ch 006

Got another chapter of Black Jack Blue Future here for you, as usual brought to you by us here at Golden Roze as well as ACF Team. This is the sixth of ten chapters. Look forward to more soon. Download it below, or click “Read Online” to read it on MangaDex.



Black Jack ~Blue Future~
Volume 01, Chapter 006
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[New Release] In The Sunroom (Oneshot)

Well today I am excited to share this great oneshot by the Keiko Takemiya! She is one of the geniuses in the Year 24 group and does all sorts of classic Shoujo. With that being said, we present In the Sunroom which is a great oneshot by the author. Enjoy!

In The Sunroom (oneshot):
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PS -We plan on doing other oneshots by Takemiya and other Year 24 Group ladies. If you can help with editing, please contact us!~ Hit up our Discord to apply or shoot us an email.


[New Release] Full Ahead! Coco Zervance ch 002

Hey there, everyone, we’re back once again, alongside ACF Team, to bring you another chapter of Full Ahead! Coco Zervance.

Full Ahead! Coco Zervance c002
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You may have noticed, as well, that a little while back we updated the first chapter on MangaDex with a second version, fixing a few cleaning errors and improving the color redraws. You can find that version below.

Full Ahead! Coco Zervance c001 {v2}
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Anyway, enjoy!

[New Release] Escalate (Oneshot)

YAY A ONESHOT AND YAYA NAGABE! First off, It is light shounen ai. nagabe is known for doing great BL manga also! This was from a lewd yaoi anthology book I had to buy for it (oh the horror :P).

Thanks to everyone who made this happen. It came out great! Enjoy!

Escalate (oneshot):
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[New Release] The Undying Girl and The Painter Who Doesn’t Paint VOL 01, CH 004 & CH 005

Another day, another loli chapter…. OH WAIT! We have 2 chapters?! Enjoy! Shout out to the people over at Boredom Society for handling the editing. 


The Undying Girl and The Painter Who Doesn’t Paint:
Volume 001 Chapter 004
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The Undying Girl and The Painter Who Doesn’t Paint:
Volume 001 Chapter 005
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