New Series: The Pumpkin Wine v001 c001

Well today we kick off a new series! We have most of it translated, and aiming for WEEKLY SUNDAY RELEASES! We feel it will be doable being its such a great series and a nice backlog. The Pumpkin Wine has the first 3 chapters done by another group years ago, but we are starting it all over with a revised translation. Enjoy!

The Pumpkin Wine –  Volume 001 Chapter 001
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Little Ghost Q-Taro v001 c003 & c004

So sorry for the lack of updates this month. I will promise that we have some good stuff for Xmas, but figured here are the next 2 chapters of this adorable ghost Q-Taro. Enjoy!

We could still use a few more Cleaners and Typesetters.

Little Ghost Q-Taro:
Volume 001 Chapter 003
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Little Ghost Q-Taro:
Volume 001 Chapter 004
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[New Release] Mr. Clice v001, c005

I bet nobody expected TWO chapters of Mr. Clice TWO days in a row after TWO years, but… that’s exactly what we’ve got right here! Translations were done by Category G from Dumbnut. Anyway, this wraps up volume 1. Not sure exactly when we’ll see volume 2, since we’re currently waiting on scans before we can get started on it. Anyway, enjoy!

Mr. Clice –  Volume 001 Chapter 005
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[New Release] Mr. Clice v001, c004

Well, hot damn! Been a while since we’ve touched this series, but here’s a new chapter. There really isn’t any excuse for taking so long, as the translations were completed two years ago by Category G from Dumbnut… we just couldn’t find a typesetter that wanted to work on it until now. Anyway, Enjoy!

Mr. Clice –  Volume 001 Chapter 004
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