New Series: Mako & Rumi & Chii – Chapters 13 and 14

Well this series only has about 5 chapters left that weren’t scanlated, So I figured we would pick it up. We have it all ready to go (17 is the final chap) but I think ill release the rest of it next week. Enjoy some more Tezuka goodness!!

Mako & Rumi & Chii –  Volume 001 Chapter 013
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Mako & Rumi & Chii –  Volume 001 Chapter 014
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New Series: The Pumpkin Wine v001 c001

Well today we kick off a new series! We have most of it translated, and aiming for WEEKLY SUNDAY RELEASES! We feel it will be doable being its such a great series and a nice backlog. The Pumpkin Wine has the first 3 chapters done by another group years ago, but we are starting it all over with a revised translation. Enjoy!

The Pumpkin Wine –  Volume 001 Chapter 001
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[New Series] We Love ♡ Pocket Monsters c001

Today we have the first of a new 2 chapter Pokemon series! This series is published in girls magazine, Ciao, and is a short 4 koma. Hope you enjoy and look forward to the next chap at the beginning of Dec. Thanks to CRT of Illuminate Scans for helping/

We Love ♡ Pocket Monsters – c001
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New Release: Shiori Experience – v007 c031


Sorry for the delay on this one. Everyone seemed to get busy around the same time LOL. Shout out to CAT for the editing and QC. Look forward to the next chapter soon!

P.S. >>> We still need additional editors (Cleaners and Typesetters) to help with current and future series. Contact us to apply!

Shiori Experience –  Volume 07 Chapter 031
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[New Series] It’s time to go to his stomach, OK? v001, c001

Sweet another new series! This time it’s being translated by our favorite Molokidan,and Glurpagos is helping with the editing. This one is by the guy who did Everyone’s an ESPer and Detroit Metal City (fav of mine). Check it out! Pretty unique story with a lot of bad language….. ENJOY~~

It’s time to go to his stomach, OK? –  Volume 001 Chapter 001
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[New Series] Mazinger z vs Transformers v01, c01

Whew! we have another new series for ya. This time it is joint with our good friends over at HappyScans! This one has been in editing for a bit, but the whole thing is Typeset, just waiting for the QC to finish up. It is only 1 volume long and is pretty neat! I am a huge fan of cross over manga so lets hope more come out down the road.

Mazinger Z vs Transformers–  Volume 001 Chapter 001
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[New Series] Cleopatra v01, c01

Well Cleopatra is finally here. This 4 chapter story tells about our favorite princess and is written and drawn by Satonaka Machiko! A lot of her works aren’t in Enlgish yet but we want to change that. Anyway, enjoy the chapter! Hoping to have the other 3 out of QC and released by the end of the year at the latest.

Cleopatra –  Volume 001 Chapter 001
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