[New Release] Funny temptation of Amaama-kun Vol 01, Ch 006

Well here is the next chapter! Only 4 to go. Thanks to NGM and our new typesetter, Ceres. Enjoy!!!


                                                                                             We still could use a few more Experienced Cleaners and Typesetters!

Funny Temptation of Amaama-kun:
Volume 001 Chapter 006
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[New Series] Cocoon – v001 c001


Guess we have another new series for you all! This one is 1 volume (10 chapters) and is by the wonderful Kyou Machiko, who is noted for her great art and stories. This one can be a little graphic… So you all have been warned. Shout out to our very own Sevenfacedbird for the translations and editing!

Also, shoutout to BaganLee! He has got the reader up and running and most of our releases on it! It is still in the works, so bare with it. Find the link below!

Cocoon –  Volume 001 Chapter 001
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New Oneshot: On a Snowy Day

Well we FINALLY have another Keiko Takemiya oneshot. It should have been out this weekend, but this damn weather killed my internet. Shoutout to the team who worked on this! It’s a totally blessing to work with such great people who love the Year 24 group. Stay tuned for more Takemiya, and other works by our favorite Y24 ladies. Enjoy!

PS: We could use another cleaner and redrawer or two. Also another Typesetter would be lovely! Could use some help with French translations down the road, so a French translator would help out as well. Contact via the site or discord plz. Someone to give me a hand with the reader and website would be great also 😀

On a Snowy Day (oneshot):
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New Release: The Undying Girl and The Painter Who Doesn’t Paint VOL 02, CH 010

Woot. Here we go! Thanks for sticking with us on this one. Only 4 chapters left in this too short of a series Shout out to the people over at Boredom Society for handling the editing. Looking forward to the next chapter already~


The Undying Girl and The Painter Who Doesn’t Paint:
Volume 002 Chapter 010
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[New Release] Fever (oneshot) by Maki Kusumoto

Told  you all I would release a oneshot today to finish out the weekend! This one has been ready for a bit, but I never got around to sharing it. It is only 5 pages, but the art is lovely. Again it is from the Adidas Manga Fever  anthology and is about a Fever… Which I guess has to do with Soccer.

If anyone is interested in translating or helping with editing the other chapters in this wonderful book, please contact us!

Fever (oneshot):
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[New Release] Blue Giant Vol 03, Ch 018

Well we finally have a new chapter of Blue Giant out for you all. Thanks to the team and thanks to the new Translator, Mahalakshmi. While I hope you all enjoy the chapter as much as we did, I do want you to know that ch.19 is already in translating and has been cleaned….. SO SOON I PROMISE!

Be sure to check out our Spreadsheet that list the songs in each chapter!

Blue Giant
Volume 003 Chapter 018
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