Here is the next chapter in everyones favorite manga…. Shoutout to Sevenfacedbird for Translating and Typesetting another chapter. Shades will be back for 19+ . Also, volume two is out, can we talk about this cover?

I know we have had a few requests to start linking series we are doing for purchase, and I plan on implementing that in 2020. I’ll prob start sooner, but will add links when I can for older stuff. Amazon.Jp is a good source for new and quick shipping, but I usually use Surugaya via a Proxy since the manga is used and cheaper.

/end rant

Still seeking a few more Cleaners and Typesetters~

Heterogeneous Linguistics – c018
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New Release: Shiori Experience – v007 c031


Sorry for the delay on this one. Everyone seemed to get busy around the same time LOL. Shout out to CAT for the editing and QC. Look forward to the next chapter soon!

P.S. >>> We still need additional editors (Cleaners and Typesetters) to help with current and future series. Contact us to apply!

Shiori Experience –  Volume 07 Chapter 031
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[New Release] It’s time to go to his stomach, OK? v001, c002

This picture depicts my life currently….

Next chapter of this one. Expect to see chapter 3 by the end of the month 😀 Love to hear your thoughts/comments on it.

PS – We need a few more editors for upcoming stuff (classic manga). We’d love to have you~

It’s time to go to his stomach, OK? –  Volume 001 Chapter 002
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New Oneshot: The Falling Star in the Cabbage Farm

First off, We are starting a new collection of 4 oneshots by the mysterious Yoshimi Uchida. Rumor has it she hasn’t authorized reprints of her works and they are kinda rare/pricey. This oneshot is just GORGEOUS. I’m so glad I was able to get a deal on the book (Aki no Owari no Pianissimo) and plan on doing the other 4 stories that are included (the 4th one is fantasy omg).

I’d like to give Uncle_Kari a shoutout for translating, Caine and Yanbang for the editing, and Reversinator for proofing it. I look forward to working on more the authors stuff in the future pending the finding of her works for a decent price. Happy Reading!

Aki no Owari no Pianissimo – v01 c003
The Falling Star in the Cabbage Farm:
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[New Series] It’s time to go to his stomach, OK? v001, c001

Sweet another new series! This time it’s being translated by our favorite Molokidan,and Glurpagos is helping with the editing. This one is by the guy who did Everyone’s an ESPer and Detroit Metal City (fav of mine). Check it out! Pretty unique story with a lot of bad language….. ENJOY~~

It’s time to go to his stomach, OK? –  Volume 001 Chapter 001
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New Oneshot: Hazel & Gretel

Well this oneshot I scanned a bit ago finally got edited! Thanks to the Unknowns who handled the TL and Proofing ( you know who you are) and thanks yanbang for the great editing.

I found this guy in an issue of Comickers and LOVED the color in it. As far as I know, this is considered a oneshot because the author didn’t do any more of it. I reached out to her directly but haven’t heard back (been about 8 months). Please enjoy! I couldn’t wait til Halloween to release it lol.

Hazel & Gretel (oneshot):
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