[New Release] Cocoon – v001 c007

3 to go! Enjoy!

Also seems that the series gets a lot of love from the fans. The downloads of this series are actually around where we see for Mobuko (40 or so downloads per chapter). Nice to see not all of us like reading via a reader 😀

Still Looking for more staff. Cleaners  and Typesetters specifically. A precleaner would be nice also, Just crop and rotate the scans. Please help~ 😀

Cocoon –  Volume 001 Chapter 007
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[New Series] Shiori Experience – v007 c030


Yo! We have a new music manga! Shout out to CAT who asked us to help them translate this beauty. It really is a neat series. Please enjoy the release below. Feel free to read the past chapters at MangaDex. Look forward to the chapters coming up. It gets even better.


Shiori Experience –  Volume 07 Chapter 030
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[New Series] En and Yukari – c001


Finally got around to making the post for this… Sorry kinda late. First off, Shoutout to Work In Progress (WIP) for translating this and cleaning up the Typesetting. I came across the raws of chapter 1 and thought “wow, we should do a monthly cute fantasy 4koma”. So yeah look forward to this monthly. It does come out in Monthly Kirara Max magazine on the 19th of every month. Enjoy.


En and Yukari –  Chapter 001
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