Announcement: Mobuko’s Love is now Licensed! Dropped.

We all love to see a good series get licensed, and this time its for Mobuko! The series is officially licensed by Media Do as an ebook only series, and vol.001 is out on Tuesday Feb 11th! More info below. Please buy the manga! (Email me and I might buy it for you)

Brand New~

So I decided it was time to leave MangaDex as a host (Thanks Holo o,o) and go off on our own. Cool thing about this host is that I have unlimited storage space and bandwidth! I plan on installing getting a reader up and running (Already have it just adding content). So yeah look forward to brand new site and new features! The reader will be going up slowly, so in the meantime if you want to read our older releases check out our Mangadex Page

If anyone would like to help on this site, email us! Goldenrozescans AT GMAIL or Join our Discord here

[New Series] Neko to Futari no Kamakura Techou Vol 01, Ch 001-002

I guess we will release some cat manga today~ Truth is, this has been ready to go since like 2015 lol. We unfortunately do not have a translator or editors for this so wont be doing any more of it unless they come along… ENJOY~

Neko to Futari no Kamakura Techou:
Chapter 001
Download | Read Online
Chapter 002
Download | Read Online