New Oneshot: The Guardian of Mt. Moon

HOHOHO! Tonight we have a nice oneshot from the Tezucomi magazine. Remember this is the magazine that New Princess Knight is in (yeah we are still doing it) and is celebrating Tezuka’s 90th anniversary. The magazine seems to have oneshots in some issues, and many are drawn by foreign artists. For example, The Guardian of Mt. Moon is a oneshot by French artist Reno Lemaire. It was released in Japanese in Tezucomi and is set in the Jungle Emperor Leo world (yes still doing this one also lol). So with that being said… Enjoy! Thanks to our friends over at Atelier du Noir for their Typesetting and Redrawing skills. Also big shout out to Matatabi for translating it, and Kago for his god-like cleans.

PS: We could use another cleaner and redrawer or two. Also another Typesetter would be lovely! Could use some help with French translations down the road, so a French translator would help out as well. Contact via the site or discord plz. Someone to give me a hand with the reader and website would be great also 😀

The Guardian of Mt. Moon (oneshot):
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[New Series] The King of Beetles Mushiking – v001 c001

Holy cow another new series?! This time its a series from CoroCoro I have been wanting to do for A LONG time. MushiKing is was popular arcade, tcg, anime and manga that deals with Beetles fighting. I personally HATE bugs, but fighting Beetles sounds kickass. Anyways, Thanks to Akumatsu Translations for the TL on this, as well as Shinjinotikari for Cleaning and NGM for his Typesetting and SFX skillz.

Also, I am having someone import all our project pages from MangaDex for the new reader. While I will have to upload each chapter for each series, It will save me loads of time from adding each chapter info and the series info.  Look forward to releases SLOWLY being added there. Could use a hand if anyone is free!~

The King of Beetles Mushiking –  Volume 001 Chapter 001
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[New Series] Pokémon: 1P Comic Theatre – Chapter ???

Hey Everyone! Today we have a weird little release…. a Pokemon gag manga that is super old! So this little gem I found in a random issue of a gag magazine I imported a bit back. Apparently Square Enix owned the magazine and Nintendo had this 1p (one page) gag Pokemon manga running in it. While we think this is the first chapter, we will find out more when the complete book comes in the mail in a few months. It is an interesting read to say the least… ENJOY!

Pokémon: 1P Comic Theatre – Chapter ???
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New Oneshot: Unicorn Dream

I was finally able to wrangle up some staff to work on the BEAUTIFUL piece of work. I scanned this Moto Hagio oneshot awhile back from a SciFi book that came out with essays and such. It featured this oneshot in the back which hadn’t been published in years. Well of course thanks to the team over at HappyScans! for the translation. As of now, this is the last oneshot we have joint with them, but hoping to change that in the near future. Don’t forget to read our new reader also 😛

Unicorn Dream (oneshot):
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New Oneshot: The Dragon Spirit

Here is a cool little oneshot I found in a Flowers magazine anthology. While it is short, it is super sweet and charming. Love the little dragon~ Thanks kurepii and the wonderful NGM for their help.
Download or read online (try out the new GR reader) below. May release ANOTHER oneshot tomorrow, or a new series? Stay tuned.

The Dragon Spirit (oneshot):
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YAY~ more of our favorite EEEU! Enjoy the latest chapter.


In other news: WE HAVE OUR OWN READER (again). But this time we are hosting it ourselves so it wont EVER go down :D~ Ok so here we go,

– GRZ reader will have our latest releases on it as we release them, and will eventually have our backlog (takes awhile)
-We will still link to MangaDex as an alternative, so if you’d rather read there please do.
-If you are using
Tachiyomi for Android, our reader will be a “Source” for our releases. No slow loading times!

Please enjoy~!

Heterogeneous Linguistics – c013
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[New Release] Pulverize ‘Em Zack v01 c006

Here we are with a new chapter of Zack! Shout out to NGM who will be helping us typeset the series. We’d like to push out at least 2-3 chapters of Zack monthly, but we will see how that goes. I mean, the entire series IS translated… Stay tuned for the next chapter which will conclude volume 1.

Pulverize ‘Em Zack
v01 c006– Secret Training
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New Oneshot: Mister’s Baby Bird

Here we are with another oneshot by our favorite – Keiko Takemiya. This oneshot is also featured inside of the “In the Sunroom” book. So that makes two oneshots from that book we have done so far 😀 Not too sure if we will do the others, but keep an eye out for more Takemiya-goodness. We have a ton of other Year 24 group related works in the pipeline as well… SO STAY TUNED 😀

Mister’s Baby Bird (oneshot):
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New Oneshot: Occult Club – Normanda the Medium’s Phone

Today we bring you a horror oneshot! I really do enjoy horror manga (NOT Horror Movies), and would like to do more of it in the future. This 10 page oneshot came from a 90s anthology book called Crew 1994. I plan on scanning other stuff from it. This seemed to be the only horror story in it. The author, OCHAZUKE Nori, is a great horror artist that hasn’t had much scanlated in English. Heres to hoping we get more of his blessed work in the future~

As always, Download or read online below. I plan on getting the reader up and running shortly, so stay tuned for that also (still could use a hand with making the pages 😛 ).

Occult Club – Normanda the Medium’s Phone (OCHAZUKE Nori)
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