New Oneshot: The Falling Star in the Cabbage Farm

First off, We are starting a new collection of 4 oneshots by the mysterious Yoshimi Uchida. Rumor has it she hasn’t authorized reprints of her works and they are kinda rare/pricey. This oneshot is just GORGEOUS. I’m so glad I was able to get a deal on the book (Aki no Owari no Pianissimo) and plan on doing the other 4 stories that are included (the 4th one is fantasy omg).

I’d like to give Uncle_Kari a shoutout for translating, Caine and Yanbang for the editing, and Reversinator for proofing it. I look forward to working on more the authors stuff in the future pending the finding of her works for a decent price. Happy Reading!

Aki no Owari no Pianissimo – v01 c003
The Falling Star in the Cabbage Farm:
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[New Series] It’s time to go to his stomach, OK? v001, c001

Sweet another new series! This time it’s being translated by our favorite Molokidan,and Glurpagos is helping with the editing. This one is by the guy who did Everyone’s an ESPer and Detroit Metal City (fav of mine). Check it out! Pretty unique story with a lot of bad language….. ENJOY~~

It’s time to go to his stomach, OK? –  Volume 001 Chapter 001
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New Oneshot: Hazel & Gretel

Well this oneshot I scanned a bit ago finally got edited! Thanks to the Unknowns who handled the TL and Proofing ( you know who you are) and thanks yanbang for the great editing.

I found this guy in an issue of Comickers and LOVED the color in it. As far as I know, this is considered a oneshot because the author didn’t do any more of it. I reached out to her directly but haven’t heard back (been about 8 months). Please enjoy! I couldn’t wait til Halloween to release it lol.

Hazel & Gretel (oneshot):
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[New Series] Mazinger z vs Transformers v01, c01

Whew! we have another new series for ya. This time it is joint with our good friends over at HappyScans! This one has been in editing for a bit, but the whole thing is Typeset, just waiting for the QC to finish up. It is only 1 volume long and is pretty neat! I am a huge fan of cross over manga so lets hope more come out down the road.

Mazinger Z vs Transformers–  Volume 001 Chapter 001
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[New Series] Cleopatra v01, c01

Well Cleopatra is finally here. This 4 chapter story tells about our favorite princess and is written and drawn by Satonaka Machiko! A lot of her works aren’t in Enlgish yet but we want to change that. Anyway, enjoy the chapter! Hoping to have the other 3 out of QC and released by the end of the year at the latest.

Cleopatra –  Volume 001 Chapter 001
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New Oneshot: Pikachu Rescue Adventure

YAY a new Pokemon oneshot. Sorry I didn’t update the site sooner, have a lot going on. We released this guy a month or so ago, but had to pull it due to some QC missing. Hope you all enjoy! I do have a few Pokemon-only oneshots I’d love to do also (as well as oneshots with trainers in them 🙂

Pikachu Rescue Adventure (oneshot):
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