[New Release] Mobuko’s Love Vol 02, Ch 006

Here we are with the first chapter of the second volume of Mobuko! Kind of excited to see how this volume takes off. Look forward to chapter 7 sooner than expected… Its in QC 😀

If anyone is interested in helping me revamp the projects page and uploading/adding pages to the reader than please contact me at goldenrozescans AT gmail !

Mobuko’s Love:
Volume 002 Chapter 006
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New Release: Black Jack Alive v02 c010 -A Storm in the Night by Go Nagai

Well this is a special oneshot we have today. This oneshot is part of the Black Jack Alive anthology which was a 2 vol series that has oneshots by a bunch of different authors and features Tezuka’s very own Black Jack. Only a few stories have been scanlated in English, so we are pretty excited to present the final chapter which was drawn by Go Nagai! It is quite the chapter and I would suggest reading it NOW.

Thanks to everyone at HappyScans! who made this happen. I own both volumes of Black Jack Alive and would be willing to scan ANY chapter from them if someone is looking to pick it up. Let me know!

We still could use a few more cleaners and typesetters. Please help!

Black Jack Alive v02 c010
A Storm in the Night:
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New Oneshot: Jarei by nagabe

Yay another nagabe oneshot! thanks to all who work on this short one. Thanks to zakk for the editing as well as anon for their translation. The title is in Greek, as well as the little bit at the end. Thanks BaganLee for checking it out as well as my High School Spanish teacher who is a native of Greece… ENJOY!

Jareai (oneshot):
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[New Oneshot] Return by Hideko Mizuno

So I was looking at a raw folder I had gotten from a certain anon… and it had all sorts of older manga in it 😀 Therefore, here is a short little oneshot by the famous Hideko Mizuno. This is our second oneshot by her, and the third release of her work in english (scanlations only – correct me if i’m wrong). I would really like to touch on her other works in the future, so we will see!

If anyone is interested in helping us Clean, Typeset, or Proofread ANY of our current series… Please let us know! We are short staffed on a handful of things. We have a good amount of translators, but others will be welcome also.

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[New Release] Grass Cricket – Oneshot

First off, shout out to Atelier du Noir for their editing skillz on this one. I found it in a random issue of Comickers magazine (yet again) and was excited to see they were interested in helping on this gem. So far, it looks like this is the only thing scanlated by this author…. We must change this! I will see what kind of RAWS are out there for other series of theirs. Anyways… Enjoy!


Grass Cricket – Oneshot
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[New Release] The Undying Girl and The Painter Who Doesn’t Paint VOL 01, CH 006 & CH 007

Well looks like we have a total of 4 releases today :3 Ending it with a double release of  Shikabane for you all! Shout out to the people over at Boredom Society for handling the editing. Expect to see chapter 8 sooner than later. Almost done with Vol.1


The Undying Girl and The Painter Who Doesn’t Paint:
Volume 001 Chapter 006
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The Undying Girl and The Painter Who Doesn’t Paint:
Volume 001 Chapter 007
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[New Release] Zoids Wild VOL 001, CH 004

Well here is Chapter 4 of Zoids Wild. This concludes the first volume! We were expecting to have the ebook of V.2 by now, but it’ has not come out yet. I will be scanning the physical book instead. Much easier to work with than magazine scans LOL. Enjoy!

Can always use a few more Translators, Editors (Cleaning and Lettering) and also Proofreaders. If you can help, shoot us an email at Goldenrozescans[at]gmail. Also could use help with the website. If you are good with WordPress, help us out LOL :3

Zoids Wild:
Chapter 004
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