New Series: Monotone Blue by nagabe

Well damn, its been awhile since I have had to make a new post, but this is exciting! We did a oneshot by nagabe awhile back called “Escalate” and it has since gotten a series that is in Be Boy GOLD magazine. This series is Shounen Ai. The series is published once every two months, or 6 chapters a year. We plan on doing this one with the magazine raws until book is released, then we can get nice HQ scans (or until it gets licensed LOL).

OK so with that being said I would like to announce that we have the reader working again! It will take a bit to get everything on it, but I will put our latest releases on it going forward. That means I will link it here in the release posts as well as a Mangadex mirror link. If you would like to help manage/upload to the reader, please contact amtt on discord or email us.

Monotone Blue –  Chapter 001
Download | Read Online (MD)

3 Replies to “New Series: Monotone Blue by nagabe”

  1. Maute50

    Thank you very much for your hard work to share the 1st chapter, I’m looking forward to read!!

  2. hoshi

    I sincerely love Nagabe storie and the universe. I am waiting for the next chapter ! Thaks a lot for your hardwork ^^

  3. Reyes

    I hope to see more about this soon! I want to hurry and read the next chapters!


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