New Oneshot: The Falling Star in the Cabbage Farm

First off, We are starting a new collection of 4 oneshots by the mysterious Yoshimi Uchida. Rumor has it she hasn’t authorized reprints of her works and they are kinda rare/pricey. This oneshot is just GORGEOUS. I’m so glad I was able to get a deal on the book (Aki no Owari no Pianissimo) and plan on doing the other 4 stories that are included (the 4th one is fantasy omg).

I’d like to give Uncle_Kari a shoutout for translating, Caine and Yanbang for the editing, and Reversinator for proofing it. I look forward to working on more the authors stuff in the future pending the finding of her works for a decent price. Happy Reading!

Aki no Owari no Pianissimo – v01 c003
The Falling Star in the Cabbage Farm:
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