New Oneshot: On a Snowy Day

Well we FINALLY have another Keiko Takemiya oneshot. It should have been out this weekend, but this damn weather killed my internet. Shoutout to the team who worked on this! It’s a totally blessing to work with such great people who love the Year 24 group. Stay tuned for more Takemiya, and other works by our favorite Y24 ladies. Enjoy!

PS: We could use another cleaner and redrawer or two. Also another Typesetter would be lovely! Could use some help with French translations down the road, so a French translator would help out as well. Contact via the site or discord plz. Someone to give me a hand with the reader and website would be great also 😀

On a Snowy Day (oneshot):
Download | Read Online

3 Replies to “New Oneshot: On a Snowy Day”

  1. Miksa

    There’s a problem with the download link. Most of it links to the “Guardian of Mt. Doom”, only the letter “L” has the correct link.

    1. amtt

      hey we are working on fixing links… Sorry! Be sure to check the Download tab on the menu bar.

  2. depovdr

    A thank you from the bottom of my heart, for making more of Keiko Takemiya’s work available in English, and so professionally, too. She is so underappreciated that it’s actually ridiculous, especially for someone so important in the history of manga.


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