[New Release] Escalate (Oneshot)

YAY A ONESHOT AND YAYA NAGABE! First off, It is light shounen ai. nagabe is known for doing great BL manga also! This was from a lewd yaoi anthology book I had to buy for it (oh the horror :P).

Thanks to everyone who made this happen. It came out great! Enjoy!

Escalate (oneshot):
Download | Read Online


PS – We are always looking for Editors, Proofreaders, Translators, and people to help with the website~ Hit up our Discord to apply or shoot us an email


4 Replies to “[New Release] Escalate (Oneshot)”

  1. cinyuzulys

    Thank you very much!! ^_^

  2. Smerg

    Oh man, that was great. Shame it didn’t go _further_.
    Anything similar to this that does get to the next level? (Prefer anthros, some humans’re fine)
    Love me nervousness, cuteness, and hot mammal-on-scalie action.

    1. amtt

      Thanks for reading! The author, nagabe, has recently started this oneshot as a series and it comes out once every two months. Three chapters out so far. If we find a Translator and Editor, we would love to do it. ^^.

    2. amtt

      Hi smerg, Please check out our new series, Monotone Blue, which is drawn by nagabe and is a continuation of the oneshot. Enjoy!!


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