[New Fansub Release] Mama is a 4th Grader Episodes 13-15

Merry Christmas, everyone! In the spirit of the holiday season, here’s a little X-Mas gift… three more episodes of Mama. Hope you enjoy! ^_^


Mama is a 4th Grader Episodes 13-15 – Torrent

Aw yeah! Babies an’ Elephants! I’m talkin’ babies an’ Elephants!

Episode 13 – “The Circus Has Arrived”

The circus has come to town for 3 days only, and the main performance on display will be an elephant named Jasmine crossing a thin suspended bridge alongside her trainer, a young girl named Yurika. However, when Jasmine gets stage fright, the ringmaster threatens to sell Jasmine to a zoo. Yurika escapes with Jasmine and they end up hiding out with Natumi, Izumi and Mirai-chan. What will happen next? Watch and find out!



Uh… Aunt Izumi DOES know how to drive… doesn’t she?

Episode 14 – “The Compact Case’s Secret”

Natsumi is awoken at 3am by a call from her future self. However, because of this, she oversleeps the next morning, causing her to miss a field trip she had planned. Then she discovers that Ryuichi-kun is in danger, as her future self tells her he’s going to be crushed by falling rocks unless she’s there to save him. Will Natsumi get there in time? Watch and find out!



What’s this?! A wedding scene between Natsumi and Fukazawa-kun?!

Episode 15 – “What is My Dream?”

The school gives Natsumi’s class an assignment to write about what their dream for the future is… essentially to write about where they see themselves 15 years. Everybody’s got a clear idea, but Natsumi is having trouble coming up with something, but one thing is for sure, she doesn’t want to be an ordinary housewife. That’s when Aunt Izumi comes up with an idea to help her discover what she wants. What’s Aunt Izumi’s idea? Will Natsumi figure out what to write about in her essay? Watch and find out!

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