New Releases: Ankoku Jiten v002 c008 & The Boy From Mie Prefecture

Sorry for the day late update, but two releases for you all! The first is the next chapter of our horror/bug series Ankoku Jiten. It is a good read, I am just deathly afraid of most bugs LOL.

Second is a oneshot we did with our friends over at Hyakuro Translations. This oneshot is part of the Adidas Manga Fever book which have done a few things from, and is by Taiyou Matsumoto! MangaDex is migrating servers, so the links may be temporary. I will update when the old MD is up again.

Ankoku Jiten – v002 c008
Download Read Online

The Boy From Mie Prefecture (Taiyou Matsumoto) – Oneshot
Download | Read Online

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