Happy Halloweenie 2019!

Another year has passed and another set of somewhat spooky releases. Looks like we have 4 in total and think you all will enjoy everything that we have.


Release 001:

Yo-Kai Watch Shadowside: Revenge of the Demon Lord V.01 Ch.06 (END)

Wow nice to see we finished a series! Remember this is the main movie manga for the 4th movie, and at this time we aren’t planning on doing the 2 vol Shadowside series but who knows. This has been ready for a little but thought it would mix good with our Halloweenie releases.

Yo-Kai Watch Shadowside: Revenge of the Demon Lord v.001 c.006 – END! Download | Read Online

Release 002: 

                                    Little Ghost Q-Taro v.001 c.001 & c.002

Well we have another new series being translated by Molokidan, and it is none other than the great Q-Taro-chan! Fujiko F. Fujio is known for Doraemon, but is also known for Q-Taro. Our little ghost friend is actually one I wanted to work on years ago, was happy we found willing staff 😛 Our goal is to release two chapters at a time.

Little Ghost Q-Taro v.001 c.001
Download | Read Online

Little Ghost Q-Taro v.001 c.002
Download | Read Online

Release 003:

                                                    Kukurihime (Oneshot)
Thanks to Cephfor translating this one. Also thanks to yanbang for her great editing. While only 4 pages, it is kinda eerie and the art is superb! Check it out.

Download | Read Online


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