[New Series] The King of Beetles Mushiking – v001 c001

Holy cow another new series?! This time its a series from CoroCoro I have been wanting to do for A LONG time. MushiKing is was popular arcade, tcg, anime and manga that deals with Beetles fighting. I personally HATE bugs, but fighting Beetles sounds kickass. Anyways, Thanks to Akumatsu Translations for the TL on this, as well as Shinjinotikari for Cleaning and NGM for his Typesetting and SFX skillz.

Also, I am having someone import all our project pages from MangaDex for the new reader. While I will have to upload each chapter for each series, It will save me loads of time from adding each chapter info and the series info.  Look forward to releases SLOWLY being added there. Could use a hand if anyone is free!~

The King of Beetles Mushiking –  Volume 001 Chapter 001
Download | Read Online(MD for now)

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