[New Release] Blue Giant Vol 03, Ch 018

Well we finally have a new chapter of Blue Giant out for you all. Thanks to the team and thanks to the new Translator, Mahalakshmi. While I hope you all enjoy the chapter as much as we did, I do want you to know that ch.19 is already in translating and has been cleaned….. SO SOON I PROMISE!

Be sure to check out our Spreadsheet that list the songs in each chapter!

Blue Giant
Volume 003 Chapter 018
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One thought on “[New Release] Blue Giant Vol 03, Ch 018”

  1. The cliffhanger at the end of chapter 18 of Blue Giant destroyed me but i was so so excited to finally read a new chapter of the manga that i almost didn’t mind! Is there an update schedule for that manga? I like it so much.

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