New Oneshot: The Guardian of Mt. Moon

HOHOHO! Tonight we have a nice oneshot from the Tezucomi magazine. Remember this is the magazine that New Princess Knight is in (yeah we are still doing it) and is celebrating Tezuka’s 90th anniversary. The magazine seems to have oneshots in some issues, and many are drawn by foreign artists. For example, The Guardian of Mt. Moon is a oneshot by French artist Reno Lemaire. It was released in Japanese in Tezucomi and is set in the Jungle Emperor Leo world (yes still doing this one also lol). So with that being said… Enjoy! Thanks to our friends over at Atelier du Noir for their Typesetting and Redrawing skills. Also big shout out to Matatabi for translating it, and Kago for his god-like cleans.

PS: We could use another cleaner and redrawer or two. Also another Typesetter would be lovely! Could use some help with French translations down the road, so a French translator would help out as well. Contact via the site or discord plz. Someone to give me a hand with the reader and website would be great also 😀

The Guardian of Mt. Moon (oneshot):
Download | Read Online

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