New Oneshot: The Dragon Spirit

Here is a cool little oneshot I found in a Flowers magazine anthology. While it is short, it is super sweet and charming. Love the little dragon~ Thanks kurepii and the wonderful NGM for their help.
Download or read online (try out the new GR reader) below. May release ANOTHER oneshot tomorrow, or a new series? Stay tuned.

The Dragon Spirit (oneshot):
Download | Read Online (MD)

2 thoughts on “New Oneshot: The Dragon Spirit”

  1. Thank you for translating this! I have a soft spot for dragon-related anything. Out of curiosity, do you have a link to purchase the anthology legally, say through a site like Amazon JP? Actually, having to link included on everything you scanlate in the future would be nice if possible. Now that I have disposable income, I like to purchase what I consume when I can heh.

    1. Glad you like! Ill work on getting a link for you at some point. I usually buy used via Surugaya and a proxy service. Stop by our discord sometime if you use it~

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