[New Release] Gegege no Kitaro: Showdown on Mt. Atago – Oneshot

AHHH we have a new release and its the new Gegege no Kitaro oneshot! When I saw that Kitaro was getting a oneshot I knew we had to do it. I reached out to HappyScans! and they agreed to help on it. Shout out to them for the translation! This is the first Kitaro work to be published after Shigeru Mizuki’s death. Mizuki Productions (MizukiPro) decided to release a oneshot and the art style is pretty much spot on to the original. With that being said, enjoy the read. Also look forward to a few more oneshots joints with HappyScans 😛


Gegege no Kitaro: Showdown on Mt. Atago – Oneshot
Download | Read Online


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