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Looks like 2 releases in 1 day! And a new series?! What are we thinking? Well to be honest, it all just fell into place. Our editor, Hipek , runs a foreign scanlation group and wanted to help out. Eli who is helping on the project posted the translated chapters on Mangadex while we had been planning to release this… Therefore, the original translator let us use his translation with the raws I scanned…. So yay no more mag scans! Anyways, enjoy!

GRZ Release #0584:
Ichigo Mashimaro V.08 Ch.071 – Download or Read Online

If interested, please use the contact form or stop by our Discord server. Also, If you feel like donating we could use the money to buy more raws (we have a huge backlog). I’ve been big into scanning our own raws lately so the quality has been much nicer. Click Here to make a donation via Paypal (I have Venmo if needed?).





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