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Alright, time for another chapter of Blue Giant!

This wraps up volume 2, which has been coming out a lot slower than the speed we put out volume 1. Part of that has to do with focusing on other projects, but there were also some staff changes right around the time we started volume 2, and that basically means things got thrown into disarray for a bit while we were trying to get some people to work on it. However, now we’ve got a good crew on it, so I’m hoping that volume 3 will come out a bit more smoothly! We’re still waiting for the raws to get scanned in, so don’t expect it immediately, though. Anyway, links are below.

GRZ Release #0480:
Blue Giant v02 c016 – Download or Read Online

The chapter title this time around, “Strong Man” is based on a jazz song I haven’t heard before. It also doesn’t seem to be a jazz standard. It’s a song by jazz vocalist Abbey Lincoln, recorded in 1957 for her album “That’s Him”. She’s got some smooth & sultry dark tones to her voice which are really pleasant to listen to. Anyway, you can listen to it for yourself below.

Aside from that, we really need staff. Proofreaders, Cleaners, Typesetters, and Translators are always welcome and we can’t finish up some of our series until we find them. Proofreaders would especially be nice to finish up a few Shoujo series we do, so if you can help please shoot an email to or use the form on the recruitment page.

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