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Hey everyone! amtt here just bringing you another oneshot release. This one is called Magnolia and is by Sumiyoshi Ryo. While it is short, it is also somewhat sad and beautiful. With that being said check out the download link below.

GRZ Release #0472:
Magnolia (Oneshot) – Download or Read Online

Now for the announcement  – If you haven’t already heard Batoto is ded. MangaDex is up and coming but is not fully functional yet and we didn’t want to leave readers with no way of reading our releases online so we decided to get our very own reader! Thats right, It will be hosted by us and we will add all of our releases to it soon enough (it’s a work in progress gopenasai >..<). Feel free to check it out 

Also, we REALLLY need some more Cleaners, Typesetters, and Quality Checkers. If you can help please apply!


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