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Meet Kenta, royal jerkwad

It’s been a little bit longer between this episode and the last, almost a week, in fact. I’ve been getting caught up with other projects, so progress has slowed down a bit. I’m going to aim to try and put out at least one episode per-week from here on out, though.

GRZ Subtitle Release #0024:
Mama is a 4th Grader (1992) Episode 9 – Downlod (torrent)

This episode is all about Kenta, a brat who runs around the neighborhood pulling pranks on anyone he sees as an easy target. One of his pranks goes too far, though, and Natsumi & her friends deem to teach him a lesson! Will he have a change of heart, or is he too set in his ways to stop pranking people?


  • Roadless Wolf

    I love this series…I just haven’t seen it in years as the hard drive I had it on crapped out on me before I could back it up. Thank you for re-releasing it. Please send the next episode soon. ~chu~

  • temp10min

    It’s been a while… Are you going to continue subbing this?
    If not, could you at least release the Daisuke subs you’ve got, please?
    You got me hooked to this anime, dropping it now would be so cruel…

    • vigorousjammerx

      I definitely plan to keep subbing it. Just got caught up with a bunch of other projects, though.
      I could release the unchecked Daisuke subs, but I’d at least like to shift them so they’re roughly synced up with the raws first. That shouldn’t take too long.

  • Really looking forward for more releases… I love this kind of anime. Thanks for your work!

    If you guys think it’s too much to handle right now, would be great to drop the project, so other group could work on it.

    • vigorousjammerx

      Yeah, this project has definitely been put on the backburner for now. If another group would like to pick it up, we don’t mind. Otherwise, we’ll get back to it eventually.

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