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Granny’s a real country bumpkin, carrying around a sack full of vegetables like that.

Alright everyone, It’s time for Episode 8.
I know releases have been slowing down a bit, I think it’s mostly because I’ve been a bit too much of a perfectionist with the timing.
Still, I think it makes the overall watching experience better. Anyway…

GRZ Subtitle Release #0023:
Mama is a 4th Grader (1992) Episode 8 – Downlod (torrent)

In this episode, Natsumi’s grandma comes to visit from the countryside. Natsumi wants to tell her grandma about Mirai, but Izumi advises against it. The secret about Mirai ends up coming out anyway, and when Natsumi tells her grandma that Mirai’s been inside this whole time, her grandma beings to be concerned about Mirai’s health. Thus, when Natsumi & Aunt Izumi aren’t looking, she brings Mirai to the park, in order for her to get some sunshine. However, people might find out about Mirai, and then the future will be changed! What are Izumi & Natsumi to do?

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