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What the heck’s up with that disguise, Aunt Izumi?

Second episode incoming! ^_^

I’ve been quality checking and timing for a couple years now, but I’m a total noob when it comes to releasing. So I guess you guys shouldn’t be too surprised that I forgot to include a CRC for the first episode’s release.
Oh well, no big deal I guess. I’ll start including them from now on as well as update the filename for episode 1 when it comes time for the inevitable batch release down the road.

GRZ Subtitle Release #0017:
Mama is a 4th Grader (1992) Episode 2 – Downlod (torrent)

In this episode we meet the nosy next-door neighbor, Mrs. Hanada, who is convinced she heard a baby. We also get introduced to the capabilities of the compact-case, see Aunt Izumi get frustrated because she can’t work on drawing her manga, and we also learn where the baby came from, and it’s name!

Hope you guys like it!



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