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Well as you can see I am in America and am celebrating Independence Day, so why not kick it off with some Manga… lol.  With that being said I would like to say thank you for everyone who helped on todays release. We really just brought it all together overnight and really happy to say that we have 3 chapters of manga to present to you today….INCLUDING 2 NEW SERIES?! 

First off, We have a oneshot for the latest Pokémon movie that is coming out in Japan on 7/15. It is called Pokémon The Movie: I Choose You! and is a prequel to the film. The film itself is goingto be set in the first episode of the original series, so be sure to check it out!

Next we have a new Pokémon series to debut! It is called Pokémon BW – Good Partners. This series is 1 volume or 15 chapters long and takes place in the Black and White universe with its generation of Pokémon. We are jointing on it with Illuminate Scans so expect some nice work 😀 The art is good and so is the story so please check it out!

And finally…. We are proud (well maybe not) to present our newest gag manga, Yo! President Trap-Kun. It’s a gag manga that has an insert every month in Coro Coro. The series is a gag parody manga of Donald Trump and also mixes in “trap” rap. It’s ridiculous and could have only been made in Japan. Shout out to Shades from You’re Welcome Scans for the typesetting.

We hope you all enjoy this small batch release. Look forward to seeing some of your favorite series in the near future. On another note, we will be picking up some more Pokémon series in the near future (few oneshots and 1 vol series).

GRZ Release #0405:
Pokémon The Movie: I Choose You! (oneshot) – Download or Read on

GRZ Release #0406:
Pokémon BW – Good Partners Chapter 001 – Download or Read on

GRZ Release #0407:
Yo! President Trap-Kun Chapter 001 – Download or Read on


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