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Time for another chapter of Blue Giant. Get it below.

GRZ Release #0388:
Blue Giant v02 c011 – Download

This will be the last chapter to be translated by ckrit, but don’t worry, we’ve got another translator already lined up, so hopefully there won’t be too much of a delay until the next chapter, as we transition over to this new translator.

The chapter title is a reference to a song written by Cole Porter, and first performed in 1944. It’s since become a Jazz standard, and has been performed and recorded by many different artists. Below is one of my favorite versions, a duet performed between Ray Charles and Betty Carter.

Again, special thanks to Elemhunter for providing these excellent quality scans for us to use. If you haven’t gone over to his manga blog yet, you can find it at

There he posts a ton of rare & interesting manga scans from many different eras, and will often have 600dpi TIF files available for any groups looking to scanlate. Sometimes I just go there to check out the art and see what he’s posted recently, it’s one of my favorite manga blogs and everyone should check it out if they haven’t already.



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