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It’s not quite Sweet Madonna Monday yet, but we’ve got another chapter of Full Ahead! Coco for ya!

GRZ Release #0373:
Full Ahead! Coco v21 c181

Golden Roze April Fools’ 2017 Chapter – Download

Normally we post these chapters to Batoto at the same time, but since this is an early release, we’re releasing this chapter on the website first and we’ll post it to Batoto at the regular time on Monday. Anyway, hope you guys like it!

Edit: Well, now that it’s a day later, I figure the cat’s out of the bag that, yes, this is not a real Full Ahead! Coco chapter.
April Fools!

The actual ch 181 will go up tomorrow, on Monday. Hope you all liked this little joke chapter I made, though. 😛

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