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It’s Full Ahead! Friday and that obviously means more Full Ahead! Coco. However, this is also a somewhat momentous occasion. With the release of this chapter, we now only have 100 chapters remaining until the series is completed. We plan to continue releasing it at our current pace of two-times per-week, so we’ll hopefully have the whole thing finished for all of you to enjoy before the end of the year. Thank you everyone for your continued support, and we hope you continue enjoying our releases as they come out. 🙂

GRZ Release #0338:
Full Ahead! Coco v18 c158 – Download

The separate Sweet Madonna teams continue to make their way towards Mother’s Navel, but getting there won’t be as easy as a walk in the park. What kind of opposition will they face, and can they overcome it? Read the chapter and find out!

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