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j5irrxecaMerry Christmas everyone!
Hope you all get what you asked for under your tree this year, but if not, we’ve got you covered with a bunch of special Christmas releases for you all!

First up, we’ve got a special volume for all of you Full Ahead! Coco fans. Dubbed as “Volume Zero” by the series creator, this volume collects side-story chapters which were initially serialized alongside the main series, giving us some insight into how Barts met the rest of the Sweet Madonna crew, as well as a new prologue and epilogue chapter, both of which are exclusive to this volume.

Edit: Whoops! In the first version of the file, I forgot to include the epilogue, like a giant klutz. I’ve updated the volume batch with a v2 which includes it.

GRZ Release #0239, #0250, & #0318-0322
Full Ahead! Coco Bangai Hen (Special Volume) – Download
Full Ahead! Coco Bangai Hen (Special Volume) {v2} – Download

The book is essentially an origin story for the Sweet Madonna crew, but I wouldn’t recommend reading it before the main series, as it would spoil a few things for readers. However, If you’re all caught up with the main series up to the end of volume 17, you can safely read this without anything in the main series being spoiled for you. However, if you truly care about reading things in order of release, just know that this volume was actually published in-between volumes 24 & 25.

bluegiant_v02_coverWe’ve also got a chapter of everybody’s favorite Jazz manga, Blue Giant! The chapter isn’t Christmas themed, but you could totally read it while sipping on some hot cocoa and listening to some jazzy Christmas music.

GRZ Release #0323:
Blue Giant v02 c010 – Download



000Also, we are finally wrapping up (no pun intended) Tonari no Kanata. Thank you to all that worked on this beautiful manga. Ayuko (the author) always seems to have the best stories!

GRZ Release #0324:
Tonari no Kanata Story 3, “Together But Apart” – Download
GRZ Release #0325:
Tonari no Kanata Story 4, “Keep a Diary” [END] – Download


screenshot2016-10-30at12-40-59pmAnd since it’s not Christmas without some toys under your tree, how about some Beyblades! Well… we don’t have the toys for you, but here’s another chapter of Beyblade Burst!

GRZ Release #0326:
Beyblade Burst v02 c009 – Download



screenshot2016-10-28at10-07-38amDoes everybody like Mermaids? How about Mermaids under your Christmas tree? Well, uh… of course you do, so here’s a Pink Mermaid, for Christmas! (I’m really stretching with trying to fit this stuff into a Christmas theme).

GRZ Release #0327:
Pink Mermaid v01 c015 – Download


That’s all for now, but Christmas ain’t over yet! We’re going through the final touches on a few oneshots, and may have them for you later today. Till then, unwrap your presents, drink some hot cocoa, eat some Christmas cookies and spread some holiday cheer! HO HO HO!

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