New Release: Full Ahead! Coco v15 c126 & Atom: The Beginning – v01 ch003

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Today is World Rift Wednesday, and as such, we’ve got a new chapter of Full Ahead! Coco for ya!

GRZ Release #0258:
Full Ahead! Coco v15 c126 – Download

That’s right, we’re continuing our daily releases for this week, as we push further into volume 15. The crew of the Sweet Madonna is in a tough spot here, but they continue to push back against Zagi. What will happen?! Read and find out!

Oh, but wait, that’s not the only chapter we’ve got for you today…

GRZ Release #0259:
Atom: The Beginning v01 c003 – Download

Above, we’ve got another chapter of everyone’s favorite Astro Boy origin-story manga! Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s the ONLY Astro Boy origin story manga, but I digress… This is, as always, a joint project with You’re Welcome Scans, so go check out their site if you haven’t already. They do plenty of awesome shounen manga.

We’ve also got a second version of chapter 2 for you. The only difference here is that we cleaned up the script a bit from the first release. You can find the download link below:

Atom: The Beginning v01 c002 {ver2} – Download

Don’t forget, we’ve also started accepting fan-art submissions for Full Ahead! Coco, which will be included at the end of each volume!!

You can send any Coco-related fan-art that you’ve made or any questions, comments, or anything else to, using the subject line “Fan Ahead! Cocorner”
Be sure to include whatever name you’d like us to use, and if you’d like, you can also include your age and your location. We’ll publish our favorite submissions at the end of each volume.

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