New Release: Potato Chips, Plant Girls, and Oneshots, oh my!

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So, I’ve got a couple of Oneshots for you today. Been a while since we’ve released any, and both of these just got finished recently, so we figured we’d release them together.

GRZ Release #0227: “Potechi” by AOI Tatsuya – Download
GRZ Release #0228: “Story of a Girl Growing Vines on Her Body” by Ito – Download

ポテチ_01The first one is called ポテチ or “Potechi”, which is a short way of saying “Potato Chips” in Japanese. This oneshot was written & illustrated by 青井たつや (AOI Tatsuya), and was serialized in Weekly Young Magazine 2014 no. 31 (released June 30th, 2014). The interesting thing about this oneshot is that it’s silent, focusing entirely on sound effects, with an opening and closing narration being the only actual lines in a script. Anybody who’s tried to translate Japanese sound effects into English knows that it’s not very easy to do accurately, which is why for this release we decided to keep both the Japanese SFX along with our translations of them.

The second oneshot, which was a joint project we did with Shoujo Sense is called 体に植物が生えた女の子の話 or “Story of a Girl 01Growing Vines on Her Body”. This is done by an artist named 糸 (Ito), who also goes by the pseudonyms レイニーサイダー(rainy cider) and “ametansan”. The oneshot was released on the author’s account on November 15, 2015.
Even though it appears their account is no longer active, you can still find more of their work on their profiles at the various sites below:


Anyway, that’s all for now, hope you enjoy both of these! Be sure to check back soon for more oneshots, as we seem to always be doing more of them all the time. ^_^

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