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FAC-v12---169Since it’s Full Ahead! Friday, like clockwork, I’ve got a new chapter of Full Ahead! Coco for you all. This chapter rounds out Volume 12. Hope you all enjoy it!

GRZ Release #0224:
Full Ahead! Coco v12 c105 – Download

Well, it’s been a little under a month since we started releasing Full Ahead! Coco here at Golden Roze Scans, starting with the first chapter of Volume 12 on July 1st. Now, with two releases per-week, we’ve managed to wrap up the entirety of that volume in such a short timeframe. I’m honestly kind of impressed that we’ve managed to keep pace with the releases thus far, and there isn’t any sign of us slowing down yet. You can expect us to continue with Volume 13 this Monday, right on schedule.

If things stay like this, we’ll theoretically be able to finish one volume per-month, which means by the end of December this year, we should, in theory have up to volume 17 completed for everyone to read and enjoy… and by the end of December 2017, we should, in theory, have all 29 volumes of the main series completed. It’s a lofty goal, and I’m not sure we’ll be able to attain it… but I’ve been motivated as all hell to see this project through to the end, and with our current staff, I have no problem making lofty predictions like this. Hope you guys are ready to join us for this ride, because we’re gonna go full-force and do our best to get this series out there for all of the English speaking fans to enjoy in it’s entirety.

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