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145Hey there, folks! Been a little while since we’ve released a chapter of Blue Giant, but I’ve got one hot off the presses for ya! (Or, you know, Photoshop or whatever…)

GRZ Release #0215:
Blue Giant – v01 c006 – Download

The title of this chapter shares it’s name with a jazz track by John Coltrane, which could be considered his most famous composition. The tonal center of this tune cycles with jumps of a major 3rd throughout, hence its name. Its harmonic complexity is still used as a kind of testing grounds for jazz musicians to this day.

Another track featured in this chapter is a Jazz standard first popularized by Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz in 1964, called “The Girl from Ipanema”. This slow and sultry tune tells a tale of unrequited love, and has a soothing, vibrant saxaphone solo that perfectly compliments the plush, velvety nature of the vocals.

To get a bit of an added effect, I recommend starting the live performance I’ve embedded below once you get to pg 163 in this chapter.


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