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v12_coverHey there, everyone! VigorousJammer here with another FULL AHEAD! FRIDAY. Uh, um… wait, what’s this? Hmm… Golden Roze Scans… That’s what it says up there at the top of the page. That’s strange… why are we releasing here?
Oh well, whatever! Here’s a download link, I suppose!

GRZ Release #0211:
Full Ahead! Coco – v12 c097 – Download

Okay, okay, I’ll drop the act. If you’ve been following the series, I bet you’re wondering why Coco is being released here instead of on Forgotten-Scans. Well, there are a few reasons for this. Firstly; Aside from me, VigorousJammer; The translator, MinoSpelgud; and the cleaner, ManlyRonpa (that me & the translator recruited)… the rest of the staff at Forgotten-Scans had no interest in the series, or were unable to provide help within a timely manner for our weekly releases. We also didn’t work on any of the other series in the group, so we sort-of ended up becoming a separate group, anyway… just using the FoS name.
I should also note that the release process at Forgotten-Scans was overly complicated, which was another thing that wasn’t good for weekly releases.
Thus, we had recently been planning to break away and start releasing the series on our own… However, as some of you may be aware, I’ve been fairly active here at Golden Roze, so I asked the group leader, Amtt, if we’d be able to release the series through his group. He said “sure”, and so… now here we are. Despite the change in group name, the staff working on the series will remain the same for the forseeable future, so don’t worry about any kind of dip in quality. There is also a chance that we may be able to do releases even more quickly than before if we’re able to get extra help in the editing department. If you’d like to help out, feel free to apply over on the recruitment page.

FAC_Group_shotIf you haven’t read Full Ahead! Coco before, it’s a series about a pirate crew, sailing the seas on the Sweet Madonna. The titular character, Coco, met a pirate named Captain Barts and together with the rest of the crew, they sail around and get into all kinds of dangerous and exciting adventures, all while searching for the mysterious “Falcon Legacy”.

Originally released between 1997 and 2002, the series has 29 volumes in total, as well as one bonus volume consisting of side-stories. The first 49 chapters were scanlated by Null, and chapters 50-96 were done by Forgotten-scans. You can find them all at the scanlator’s websites, as well as on Batoto. If you haven’t read the old releases and you’re interested in a fun, action-packed pirate manga, I definitely recommend checking them out and reading the series from the beginning.

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  • DA

    Apparently I wasn’t good enough to be mentioned in the Founders page of Forgotten Scans, but I was the one that created their original logo (the F with the crown) and suggested Full Ahead! Coco along with Bowling King and a few others mangas they cleaned for a bit. I was an editor/cleaner for ’em, but was just to busy with real life to keep up with it and left a few months in. Anyways, Full Ahead! Coco had been one of the mangas I so desperately wanted continued and it really makes me happy to see other people trying to so hard to get it out there! -DA

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