New Releases: Totsukuni no Shoujo Ch.7 & CA to Oyoubi V.1 Ch.5

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Well today is an exciting day for us here at Golden Roze because we can finally launch our new website 😀 With that being said, have a look around and also look at the updated project pages for download links etc.

Totsukuni no Shoujo Chapter 7 is finally here, but we have some good and bad news.  Bad news is that, both You’re Welcome Scans and ourselves  are dropping it from here on out due to the fact that it has been licensed here in the states by Seven Seas Manga (You can read more about it here). So with that being said, here is our finally release of this lovely series. Be sure to buy it when it gets published!

GRZ Release #0202:
Totsukuni no Shoujo Ch.7 – Download002

In more release news, we have another chapter of CA to Oyoubi! Shoujo Sense helped again on this but will be dropping it from here on out, therefore, we will solely take it over.

GRZ Release #0203:
CA to Oyoubi V.1 Ch.5 – Downloadca_01_135


With all that news being said, If you can help with Cleaning, Typesetting, or Translating **ANY LANGUAGE** Please apply! and enjoy the new site 😀

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  • James

    1 Why the change in site?
    2 Sad that you’re dropping TNS but I understand the logic to it. Thanks for doing it until now.

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