[New Release] Raising a Bat Ch.21 (Joint w/ Asclepias Scans)

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Alright here we have Ch.21 of Raising a Bat. As usual, the editing was handled by Ashely  over at Asclepias Scans , So be sure to give her a big thanks also ^.^


GRZ Release #0143: Raising a Bat Ch.21 – Download

On that note, Recently someone has been harassing Ashley over at Asclepias Scans because of the release schedule for Raising a Bat. While we love doing this series, we WILL NOT tolerate any nagging or BS on the releases. We all would like it to come out faster also, It’s just that we have everyday lives to deal with as well XD I know that 99.9% of you are very grateful for all our series, and we do appreciate you all dearly.



P.S. : We really need Cleaners and Typesetters as well as Japanese/Chinese/French Translators. If you can help please apply!


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