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Hey there, everybody! Got a couple of one-shots here for ya!
First up is “Millennium Loneliness” by Kaoru Fujiwara. Originally published in the April 2015 issue of Comic Spica, this is the first in a series of astrology-themed one-shots created by different mangaka and collected in an anthology. I’m not sure if we’ll be doing the other 11 one-shots, but we hope you enjoy this one! ^_^

Next up is another one-shot by Takashi Wada, titled “Sacrifice Mansion”. You may remember a few months back when we scanlated another of his one-shots, “Memoirs of a Dancer”.
While that one-shot was his second published work, this one is actually his very first, and it was serialized in the June 2013 issue of Harta.

GRZ Release #0117: Millennium Loneliness [Oneshot] Download (4.65 MB)

GRZ Release #0118: Sacrifice Mansion [Oneshot] – Download (11.7 MB) – HQ (102 MB)

You may have also noticed something odd about this release. You may be wondering to yourself, ‘Hey, Jammer, What’s up with that “HQ” link?’.
Well, I’ll tell you. Starting from this point onward, we plan to release high quality versions of select releases. These releases will be full-resolution 600dpi scans, and will be perfect for anybody who wants to see the art in as high a quality as possible. (in the case of Sacrifice mansion, that means the pages are 4160 x 6100 px.

“But wait!” you cry, “You’re crazy! You’re a madman! I don’t want to store a 100MB chapter on my computer! Screw you and your high resolution files!”
Well, fret not. Despite these HQ releases, we’ll still be downsizing them like in the past, down to a very reasonable 1600px height, which will make them much more reasonable on your hard drive space. These standard size versions will also be the same versions we’ll submit to Batoto, as well.

Basically, the downsized versions are still going to be the main release of the chapter. The HQ versions will be there simply as a little extra bonus for those of you who especially like a specific series, or a specific chapter and want to see it in the highest quality possible.
Of course, we’ll only be doing these HQ releases for stuff that we have 600dpi raws for, so unfortunately, you shouldn’t expect to see it all that frequently. However, when you do, feel free to give it a look. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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