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Hey there, everybody! Here’s a little one-shot that was published in volume #101 of “Ax”, which was released in Japan for Halloween 2014.
The title is 「森の養殖場」( “Forest Breeding Farm”), and it’s by 冨樫早智 (Sachi Togashi).
It’s quite creepy, and pretty damn weird, too. You can thank the author for that. I’m not actually familiar with any of his other work, but this has got me a little curious, to be sure.

You can download the chapter here:
GRZ Release #0084: “Forest Breeding Farm” – Download

Also, if you’re curious about Ax and want to check out more of their stuff, head on over to the official Japanese website of the magazine, or you can also check out the Anthology volume which was released in English by Top Shelf Comics back in 2010.

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