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New Series YAAAAAY. This time we bring you a nice slice of life monthly series about a couple and their family. Here are the first two chapters of this wonderful series and expect to see ch.3 sometime soon. Big shout out to everyone who worked on it, especially Underdog Scans for doing the Cleaning and Typesetting.

GRZ Release #0065: Chapter 1

GRZ Release #0066: Chapter 2

On that note, Expect some Beyblade, Grand Dolls, Magma, Totsukuni no Shoujo, and ESPer soon due to the fact that we are done with our massive halloween release 😛 I must say, I think we are all happy to see all the fans and thank you’s we got from our latest releases and just want to say thank you back XD.

We are continuing to grow but we can’t get any bigger without more help. Cleaners and Typesetters seem to be short as well as some translators (Any Language). A donation or 2 would be nice also 😛


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