[New Release] The Five Days of Halloween 2015 – Day 4: Poor Mama & Tir Na Nog

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Hey everybody, it’s October 30th! Mischief night to some. However, it’s also Day 4 of our big Halloween horror manga release. So, once you’ve finished putting shaving cream all over your neighbor’s car, or “TPing” their house… check out these one-shots we’ve got for you.

First up, we’ve got a one-shot from Hagio Moto called “Poor Mama”. This has some minor horror elements to it, but it’s also kind of a tale of tragedy. This one-shot was initially serialized in the May 1971 issue of “Bessatsu Shojo Comic”, better known today as “Betsucomi”.

GRZ Release #0059: “Poor Mama” by Hagio Moto


Next up, we’ve got a one-shot from an independent Mangaka known as Mizudori (瑞酉)
Well, that’s their pseudonym, the actual name they list on their pixiv account is Kooriyama Tihihiro (郡山千霏尋)
The one-shot is called “Tir na Nog”, and is based on Irish mythology.
You can download our Translated version below, or you can check out the original version on Mizudori’s Pixiv account.
Also, feel free to follow the author on Tumblr, or on their Twitter account.

GRZ Release #0060: “Tir na Nog” by Mizudori


Don’t forget, the fifth and final day of our Halloween release is tomorrow, so be sure to check back for more spooky Halloween chapters!


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