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Hey there, all you lovely people out there!
It’s been a little while now since we’ve released a chapter of Esper, but we’ve got another one for you here.

GRZ Release #0051: Everyone’s an ESPer V.02 Ch.09 – Download Here

If you’re a typesetter, a cleaner, a translator… or even just somebody with a good eye for detail who would like to Quality Check, please fill out the form under our recruitment page and join the team! 😀

We’re also interested in taking on some more Fansub projects after getting such a great response for Kurayami Santa, so if there’s anybody out there who can translate spoken dialogue, knows how to time or typeset subtitle files, or is able to provide us with raws, let us know!

Also, everybody should go check out You’re Welcome Scans. They’re helping us out with this project, and their site has some really great series. They’ve got one over there that’s related to the anime classic Outlaw Star. Definitely worth a read!


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