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Well It is finally here! Thank god for the wonderful staff that made this one work! Good news is we will be cranking this guy out a little faster than before so stay tuned for more Kimba/Leo!

GRZ Release #0019: Jungle Emperor Leo V.1 Ch.1

On that note:

Here are the statuses of our projects:

Youkai Watch: Has officially been dropped. Viz got the license to the manga so of course we are dropping it. Expect the links to stay up for a bit for the older chapters.

CA to Oyoubi!: TL is working on chapters 3+ and ShoujoSense is an editing beast.

Everyone’s an ESPer!!: Ch.2 is done in TL is now being cleaned then typesetted.

Inazuma Eleven: SLOWWWW but could use a typesetter and a cleaner.

Jungle Emperor Leo: Finally sailing smoothly; Ch.2 is in final QC stages.

Mosaic Rasen: Currently needs a cleaner/typesetter as well as a translator maybe.

Future Series:

Well I’d rather not disclose what they are just yet but….

  • One is Youkai Watch related and could use a cleaner and typesetter.
  • 2 are Tezuka series and could use a cleaner and typesetter.
  • One is aimed at kids based on a popular kids franchise (not pokemon) and could use a typesetter.
  • We most likely will be picking up a shonen ai project. Needing a cleaner and typesetter.

Donations: Are always welcome! For some of the series we do we are required to buy raws (which is awesome of course) and could use some extra $$ if you have it to spare~ Please use the contact form to request our paypal addy.

Recruitment: Well we ALWAYS need translators (Japanese/Chinese/French/Italian/Vietnamese) so if you can help out please apply. Editors (Cleaner/Typesetter) would be lovely also.

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